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E-Bike Guidance

New E-Bike Regulations

All students who ride an electric bike on or near campus will be expected to follow the following the City of University Park's new Electric Bike Regulations:


·    E-bike operators and riders under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. 

·    No bicycles or e-bikes may be operated on sidewalks in commercial districts, and no e-bikes may be operated on any sidewalks in the City.

·    E-bikes must be operated at a speed reasonable to surrounding conditions.


Other tips to remember:


·    Bicyclists (including electric bikes) must follow all road laws.

·    A person riding a bicycle should only ride on the seat of the bicycle, and there is only one rider permitted per seat.

·    Lights are required on all bicycles and the usage of the lights is required at night.


For more information, including a short PSA video and printable safety worksheet, please click here.