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Conduct/Dress Code

Conduct/Dress Code

As required by the State of Texas, the Highland Park Independent School District has developed and implemented a formal code governing student conduct. A copy of the Code of Conduct is sent home to parents at the beginning of each school year. Students of Boone Elementary School are expected to adhere to the HPISD Code of Conduct.


In addition, Boone Elementary School has a set of school-wide expectations for good citizenship that is also published and distributed to each family. These campus expectations are based on the district's Code of Conduct.


Standards and student expectations are listed below. To examine the complete Code of Conduct, follow the link below.


Standards for Student Conduct


All students are entitled to enjoy the basic rights of citizenship recognized and protected by law for persons of their age and maturity, but the District must balance those rights against the need to maintain an effective educational climate.



Each student is expected to:

  • Refrain from violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Comply with all school rules, including safety rules.
  • Attend all classes, be on time, and remain on campus unless authorized to leave.
  • Master the objectives of the District curriculum.
  • Respect the authority of all teachers, administrators, and staff members.
  • Exhibit respect toward individuals and property.
  • Behave responsibly.
  • Be prepared for class with appropriate materials and assignments.
  • Comply with District and campus dress code.
  • Pay the required fees and fines.
  • Express opinions and ideas respectfully and refrain from making profane, obscene, insulting, threatening, or inflammatory remarks.
  • Submit report cards and progress reports for their parent’s signatures and return both promptly to school when required by campus procedures.
  • Cooperate with school staff in the investigation of incidents that adversely affect other students or school operations.
  • Use appropriate channels to seek changes in school policies and regulations.
  • Orderly go to and from school and refrain from interfering with other students.


HPISD Code of Conduct in Adobe Acrobat (PDF 527K) format.


Dress Code


Students are expected to be neat, well-groomed, and appropriately dressed for school. Any style of dress or grooming which detracts from the instructional process is not acceptable. Examples of unapproved choices include:


  • NO tube tops or halter tops
  • NO lightweight nylon or plastic shorts or pants that can be seen through
  • NO garment or accessory which creates a safety hazard
  • NO garment or accessory with inappropriate pictures or comments
  • NO shorts which are very tight, very baggy, or shorter than mid-thigh
  • As a common courtesy, hats, and caps are to be removed when inside the building, except on designated "Hat Days."


Final decisions on the appropriateness of school dress rest with the principal. Situations not covered by the guidelines will be evaluated based on whether they disrupt the learning environment or create a hazard.