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 Did you know? Buying lunch in the cafeteria is another way to support Boone!

We are proud to offer delicious and nutritious meals as a convenience to our Boone families and staff. We employ 4 full-time staff members in the cafeteria, and we need to sell lunches to keep them employed! So take a break, Mom & Dad, and let us do the cooking for a change! 😊 Your kids are going to love it too!


Lunch choices

Kindergarten and 1st grade will choose between a set hot or cold lunch as listed on the menu. Their lunch includes a drink and there is only an up charge if they purchase soy milk. Dessert is only available to these students on Fridays.

2nd grade-4th grade can make a la carte selections from hot and cold food. Dessert is available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

1st grade-4th grade are allowed seconds after eating their first selections at an additional charge.

The menu will rotate every 4 weeks and is currently available to view here. You can click on each menu item to find an exact ingredient list, allergens, and nutritional information. You can also print out the menu by week or by month.

Lunch Prices

Kindergarten and 1st grade- $6.00

2nd through 4th grade (includes larger portions) - Al la Carte

Prices include a choice of bottled water, milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, or orange juice.

Soy milk is available for an extra $2.15


Be sure to load your student's Skyward account to pay for lunch - no cash payments will be accepted!

All lunch payments will be made using your student's ID and Skyward account. You must load money into your student's Skyward account before the first day of in-person learning.  


How to add funds to your student’s lunch account:

  • Go to eFunds(also available through Skyward by clicking on “Food Service” and then “Make a Payment”)
  • Click “Fund Lunch”
  • Click “Login”
  • Enter your Skyward username and password (case sensitive)
  • Select the child that you wish to make a payment for and enter the desired amount to add to the student's account.
  • Complete the required steps to enter your payment information and finish check out.

We also suggest that you set your account to automatically reload when your balance gets low.  

  • In eFunds, select “Payment Settings” tab on the menu bar on the left
  • Select “Low Meal Balance Settings”
  • Click “Activate Low Meal Balance Settings”
  • Adjust settings to the desired amount


If you do not want to automatically reload your account, we suggest you at least turn on low balance notifications under "Manage Account" and "Notification Settings."


Negative Balance Policy

Please ensure that your student's cafeteria account is positive at all times. If a student’s cafeteria account reaches a balance of negative $25, the account will be closed until payment is made. If the student’s cafeteria account reaches a balance of negative $25 a second time, the account will be permanently closed for the remainder of the school year. Failed payments (i.e. bounced or returned payments) will not be counted towards account balances. Thank you for your help!


If you pack a lunch from home, help us with these tips!

  • Remember to include napkins, condiments, or disposable utensils your child will need.
  • Use packaging that your child can open independently! Yogurt tubes, pouch drinks, and twist off drinks can be difficult for little hands. Ziplock bags are easier than sealed bags.


Lunch Schedule

  • Coming Soon!

Classes will also have designated snack times. Remember to send a snack if you think your child will get hungry before or after lunch!

One adult visitor is welcome to join their student for lunch in the cafeteria visitor tables or on the cafeteria patio. Visitors must check-in at the front desk. Visitors may only eat with their student.

Volunteer Training

If you're wondering what it will look like to volunteer in the cafeteria, watch this brief training video. If you already have an assigned shift, check your inbox soon for an email from Cafeteria Volunteer Chair, Missy Gaebe with more info.



Email Cafeteria Officer, GeeGee Hammell, or Cafeteria Volunteer Chair, Missy Gaebe.


Cafeteria Chairs, 2024-2025

Cafeteria Finance Chair - GeeGee Hammell

[email protected]


Cafeteria Volunteer Chair - Missy Gaebe

[email protected]