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Mr. Estrada

I am extremely excited to be sharing my knowledge and passion for music with the next generation of young musicians. 
I graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Bachelor's in Music Education. I also hold a Master's degree in Vocal Performance from Baylor University. Throughout my time in education, I have taught middle school, high school, and collegiate voice.
When I am not in the classroom, I am learning music for upcoming performances. Some of my favorite genres to perform include musical theater and opera. Theater creates an understanding of people and situations beyond our day to day activity. Creating this canvas on the stage through music and movement is what I fell in love with. My dance background includes a small amount of ballet, musical theater, and 8 years of teaching dance fitness/Zumba classes. 
I have an 8 year old doggie named Millie. She loves car rides, going on walks, and chasing squirrels. 
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