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Hour of Code 2021

Click on to learn more about this week's (December 6th-12th) national event for students and adults across the world.


Click anywhere on the image below to access the different Hour of Code apps. This link will take you to a Hyperdoc. You can click on the different app links in the Hyperdoc to access the different coding activities.

Other Programs students can download on their computer or websites they can go to so they can learn how to code or program games and websites:


Students can also learn to program using tablets such as iPads. Here are some coding apps for children:

  • PreK and Kinder
  • The Foos by Codespark
  • Kodable
  • 1st-4th Grades
  • Lightbot 
  • Tynker app

See for more ideas and programs to encourage your children's interest in programming and computer science.